Saturday, 4 February 2017

Oliver Heywood Memorial, Salford

The Oliver Heywood Memorial is a red granite obelisk, which is situated at the top of Cross Lane near the intersection with Broad Street. The monument was unveiled on 28 October 1893 in appreciation of Heywood's philanthropy. At the time, the Mayor of Salford, Peter Keevney, described it as an "enduring testimony" of the regard and veneration in which Heywood was held by the people of Salford, and we are fortunate that it has endured, though it is in poor condition.

Formerly, it was displayed prominently on a roundabout, but the roundabout was demolished, and the obelisk is now virtually lost among the modern signage.

The Heywood Monument survives redevelopment

photo credit: James Herring
Edwardian photo showing the monument. The Hippodrome on Cross Lane to the left. Note the tram lines.

The Oliver Heywood Memorial is listed as Grade II. Its English Heritage ID is 471549.

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