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James Prescott Joule

James Prescott Joule

James Joule was born in Salford on the 24th December 1818.  He was christened at 9 Feb 1819 at the Grosvenor Street Chapel, Picadilly, Manchester.  He was the son of Benjamin Joule, a wealthy brewer, and Alice Prescott.  James was born in a house attached to Joule's Brewery, which was located at 14 New Bailey Street.[1]

Source: Cardwell
William Joule (1745-99) first moved to Salford to
establish a brewery.

Salford Reporter
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After he married Amelia Grimes, the couple purchased 1 Acton Square, near Christ Church.

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[1] Pigot's Directory for 1828 states it was 14 New Bailey St., but the 1837 edition states no. 17. The Commercial Dirctory for 1818-20 states no. 14, as does the Palatine Directory.

Source: Rylands Library

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