Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Salford Docks

'The Docks'
Source: John Rylands Library

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Salford City Reporter ca. 1976

Main Gate
Photo Credit: Paul Hartley
Main Gate and Dock Offices, Trafford Road
Source: Canal Archive: taken 1983
Main Gate and Dock Offices, Trafford Road (June 2018)

Rembering Frank Taylor, who was employed for most of his working life on the docks. He was a member of the Blue Union (National Amalgamated Stevedores and Dockers), so named because its union card was blue.  He was made redundant just before the docks closed in 1982.

Source: Port of Manchester Review 71

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History of the Manchester Ship Canal, from its inception to its completion Volume 1 / Volume 2

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