Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Manchester and Liverpool Railroad

150th Anniversary 

With the opening of the The Manchester and Liverpool Railroad (L&MR) in 1830, the Age of Modern Railways began, initiating a global revolution in public transport. The L&MR was the world's first inter-city passenger service, complete with timetables and ticketing, using steam-driven locomotives as its motive power instead of animal traction.  The railway line, connecting Manchester and Liverpool, ran through Salford with stations at Weaste, Seedley, Cross Lane and Ordsall Lane (all  now closed).

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Locomotive and Coaches

Edge Hill, Liverpool

Warehouses at the end of Wapping Tunnel

Viaduct across the Sankey Valley

Railway line near Liverpool, looking toward Manchester

Entrance into Manchester across Water Street

  1835  Lt. Robert Dawson.Plans of the Cities and Boroughs of England and Wales. Showing route of the Manchester and Liverpool Railway through Salford
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Of Interest

The Liverpool and Manchester LNWR (details of Salford Stations)
Picture of Cross Lane Station
Map showing Salford stations
Stephenson's The Rocket
Bury's Coloured Views
Edward Entwhistle (driver of The Rocket)

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